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Would you like to be part of this ambitious project? Whether by participating in every single way or being informed of developments.

Revolution start with You

Create our music industry.


Encourage the discovery of unknown talents by developing a real republic with its own system of expression. Analyzes show that 90% of artists are ignored


Exit incentives from the music industry. Get together creatives forces.


Disruptive innovation who respond directly to needs : • co development • Exchange of experiences • for or against • desires, wish


Allow any artist to build with efficiency and justice the future he chooses to have


Access to a platform where new talents are released free of recommendations and influencer choices

Club & Festival

Allow the organizers to ensure full room with a strong and engaged public by simplifying the steps to reduce the risk

Let's share great ideas?

While we have a great passion for music and equality. We thrive on problem solving and working with you to seek out the best possible "creative music visibility platform" solution. Feel free to contact us, we are always open to discussing interesting ideas, collaboration etc.



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